Soulful + Savvy Social Media

Steal my social media strategy that has grown my audience to more than 11K followers and gracefully turns followers into clients without "selling" and without burning me out.

Social media has changed and it's a great time to be an acupuncturist on Instagram or TikTok. We acupuncturists have so much powerful knowledge to share with the world.  And people want it. You just have to know how + what to share.
Don’t miss this huge opportunity to increase your impact and your income.

I'll show you how!

This is a masterclass with a jam-packed 2-hour video sharing my strategy. Plus a downloadable  "Content Matrix", which is basically what's inside my brain as I decide exactly what to post on social media to have the biggest impact and resonance.

Steal my strategy for only $197!

When it comes to social media, do you...
  • post regularly but get crickets in return
  • feel that growth has been frustratingly slow
  • feel disappointed that it doesn't generate more patient appointments
  • not know where to even start …
  • feel overwhelmed by the process and technology…
  • or procrastinate and never seem to actually get it done...?
It’s frustrating because you have so much wisdom that you know people need...
But the time and energy to do social media is just not seeming to be worth the effort so far?

Finally get it to work for you

This course – Soulful + Savvy Social Media for Acupuncturists – will walk you through what I've learned from experience on social media. What works and what doesn't. The biggest and  most common mistakes I see acupuncturists make. And how to do it in a way that will resonate, grow your following organically, turn followers into patients, all without "selling"  and without needing to "game the algorithm" or burning yourself out.


I’ll walk you through the process, the strategy, the technology, the steps, everything you need to know.

How does it work?

You’ll watch a 2-hour video lesson on what you need to know and do, with behind-the-scenes views, how-to tips for the technology, tricks and hacks for doing it well and making it easier, and strategies for making it great. And then you’ll download the Content Matrix that will generate hundreds of powerful content ideas for YOU specifically. So you'll always know exactly what to post and what will resonate.
Or you can continue feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, hemming and hawing over the process, the technology, the next step, wasting your precious time trying to figure out what will actually resonate and work, doubting yourself, every single step of the way.
And probably not have grown your following much after a year.

Or, continue trying on your own..

Instagram for acupuncrurists

I’ve been posting on Instagram since 2017. I have more than 11K followers and a lot of experience. I've made a lot of mistakes and learned the hard way :0) In the process, I’ve figured out tons of tricks and tricks for making great social media content, for making it easier and more efficient for myself, for how to build connection and credibility with followers so that they don't just "follow" you they actually want to work with you and be your client.


Because who cares how many followers you have, if they don't resonate with and feel helped by your content, or want to work with you after seeing your content?


Most of us, like myself, became acupuncturists because we wanted meaning and connection, to touch lives, with our work. So why don't we bring those things into our marketing too? One of the common mistakes I see acupuncturists make on social media is that we put on our "marketing hat" and leave our empathetic and true selves behind. This is a mistake. I'll show you how to bring yourself into your social media content with more ease and authenticity, so that it feels good to you, feels good to and resonates with others, and builds connection and credibility to you with your followers. This is the secret sauce. You.


I want to show you how to do this because the world needs more of YOU and your unique perspective.

Are you ready to start stepping into your power and expertise, to allow yourself to shine... and make social media work for you?

You are amazing and the world needs your unique approach & perspective to solving their problems.

I want to help you get your gifts out there to the world.

In only two hours you can feel completely differently about social media, and have a content plan that will resonate

Get my social strategy for only $197!

100% Personal Money-Back Guarantee

Katie altneu acupuncture business coach

If it doesn't feel like the right fit for you, email me at within 7 days of your enrollment.

Give it a try, see how comprehensive and helpful and full of hacks the video lessons are. You have until seven days after your purchase to give the program a fair shot.

And if you honestly don't think this course will help you to create the online course you've been dreaming of, turn in your request and you'll get a full refund. I can't be any fairer than that.

But I don't think that's going to happen. This course is jam-packed with an invaluable step-by-step system, priceless information, and helpful tips.  I can't wait to share it with you.