Everything is Marketing

Everything is Marketing

I hear acupuncturists tell me this all the time:
“I love everything about my work! Except marketing.”

I used to feel that way, too.

But my whole attitude about marketing shifted when I stopped thinking about it as “separate” from the rest of my work.

It’s not.

Everything is marketing.

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Giving an amazing treatment… is marketing.

Explaining to your potential patient what to expect when they come in… is marketing.

Sending out an email to friends and family … is marketing.

Blowing a patient’s mind, so they can’t stop talking about you … is marketing.

Being visibly enthusiastic about your work … is marketing.

Leading by example … is marketing.

Being YOU … is marketing.

Like I said …

Everything is marketing.

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So if you’ve already decided that you “hate” marketing, you’re pretty much saying, “I hate everything.”

Which is ridiculous. You don’t.

In fact, you love your work SO much, that right now?

You’re going to send an email to somebody (or hundreds of somebody’s) who could use a little love and support today, and say:

“Hey. I was just thinking about you. Here’s an inspirational quote, helpful tip, seasonal advice, or delicious recipe for you. I thought you might enjoy it. There’s more where that came from. You know where to find me.”

Look at you.
You’re marketing.


Adapted to inspire acupuncturists, from a piece written by Alexandra Franzen

Hi! I'm Katie Altneu

I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, & business teacher

My acupuncture clinic in Denver, CO makes me so happy. It's full enough to support my life, and simple enough to give me peace of mind. I'm a firm believer that bigger is not always better and that we need to "stop the glorification of busy".

I want your acupuncture clinic to be as full as you'd like it to be. I want acupuncturists to know how to inspire-to-action the people who need us and our medicine. And I believe the best strategies are simple and heartfelt.

Combining my prior education & career in business & finance with my personal experience starting and growing my clinic, I love teaching acupuncturists to master the business side of their clinics. I believe in you and I'm so glad you're here!

Katie Altneu, creator of AcuProsper & the ProsperRing

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