Power hour - coaching session

Power hour is designed to get you unstuck, inspired, and propel you into motion.

In these action-focused sessions, we will create solutions to the challenges you are facing in your acupuncture business.

Whether you want feedback on your branding, your website, your social media, or a topic idea for an online offering; need help thinking through expanding or hiring; are having trouble finding "your people"; are spinning your wheels with your marketing, or something else... we'll spend our time together working through the areas you are stuck in, providing clarity, guidance, strategy, and clear action steps.

How it works

1. You come with a challange, question, or area you're stuck in.

For example: "my potential patients aren't finding me". "I'm passionate about XXX and want to create an online offering, but don't know where to start". "I'm not getting patients from social media, and I'm spending way too much time on it." "I want to hire an associate and have some questions." "I'm considering taking insurance and want to talk about all the factors I should consider." "I'm thinking about moving to a new space and want to process the pros/cons with someone who gets it."


2. We talk it out, process it, come up with a plan, and create action steps to propel you into motion.

Over the course of an hour, I will help guide you in getting unstuck - weaving in my 10+ years of experience in being in practice myself and coaching other acupuncturists, and my intuition - to help provide clarity, ideas, and guidance. These sessions are powerful and meant to propel you into motion. At the end of our session, you’ll sign off with clarity and action steps.

What's included

  • 1-on-1 consultation with Katie

  • Follow up email with action items and relevant resources


One-hour session is $150

$350 / three-pack of one-hour sessions

Book a session below

 or email me with questions: katie@acuprosper.com


I have you pay at the time of booking so that it's taken care of automatically by my booking system and we don't have to bother with taking time out of our session to settle up, and because I know myself and will totally just waive the fee and do it for free if left to my own proclivities :o). Thank you for respecting these boundaries.

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