Learning to Sit With Uncertainty in Your Acupuncture Practice

acupuncture marketing mindset

There are so many limiting beliefs that can hold us back as we build and market our acupuncture clinics, and as we learn to get confident in caring for patients: self-doubt, the fear of what other people will think, the supposed to’s, the shoulds, our relationship with money, perfectionism, the fear of failure… But here’s…

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Why marketing your acupuncture clinic is a form of self-care

acupuncture marketing self care

I believe that acupuncture clinic marketing is a form self-love I know… that sounds crazy, right? But I really do feel that taking the time to share our medicine effectively with the world is saying to the world: ~ my healing work deserves to be supported, my healing work deserves to be shared, I deserve…

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The problem with positive thinking, and what works even better

The Shortcoming of Positive Thinking – And What Works Even Better Don’t get me wrong; I’m a natural born optimist. I have a super-human (maybe slightly annoying) talent of detecting the silver lining in even the direst of circumstances. Flight canceled – lovely, more time to read our books! Fraud on my business debit card…

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