How and When to Hire Associates for your Acupuncture Clinic

Hiring acupuncture associates is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s given me more freedom to go on a month-long honeymoon to Japan, go on a four-month maternity leave when my daughter was born, be a part-time stay-at-home-mom for the first year of her life, and to take time to work on writing a…

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Learning to Sit With Uncertainty in Your Acupuncture Practice

acupuncture marketing mindset

There are so many limiting beliefs that can hold us back as we build and market our acupuncture clinics, and as we learn to get confident in caring for patients: self-doubt, the fear of what other people will think, the supposed to’s, the shoulds, our relationship with money, perfectionism, the fear of failure… But here’s…

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12 Things I’m embarrassed to tell you

acupuncture business and marketing

Here are 12 things I’m a little embarrassed to tell you, that I think you should know about me! #1 – I never “network” I went to a few networking groups and events my first year in practice, and (as an introvert) I felt soo awkward and uncomfortable. So I stopped. I have grown my…

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Dosing your medicine

acupuncture treatment dosage

A patient walks into your office with years of IBS and headaches. They want to feel better. You do your full questioning, make a diagnosis, give them an amazing acupuncture treatment. And then what do you do? Do you ask them when they want to come back? I hope not! Why? Because you should be…

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