Podcast interview with Dr. Rhonda Coleman

Dr. Rhonda Coleman, is the inspiring acupuncturist behind Blacupuncturist. She practices in Arizona and specializes in emotional and digestive health. Rhonda shares with us what it was like starting her business, growing her acupuncture practice, how she likes to practice, the lovely way she explains what she’s doing with the acupuncture needles to her patients,…

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Why marketing your acupuncture clinic is a form of self-care

acupuncture marketing self care

I believe that acupuncture clinic marketing is a form self-love I know… that sounds crazy, right? But I really do feel that taking the time to share our medicine effectively with the world is saying to the world: ~ my healing work deserves to be supported, my healing work deserves to be shared, I deserve…

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Why I don’t do packages in my acupuncture practice

acupuncture and packages

Should you offer packages in your acupuncture practice? This may be a bit controversial because a lot of acupuncturists offer packages. And a lot of “business coaches” tell you they’re a must-do for marketing your acupuncture clinic. But I disagree. I don’t offer packages in my clinic. And in this video, I will tell you…

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Is social media necessary for acupuncture clinic marketing?

Is Social Media truly necessary for acupuncture clinic marketing? Yes…No? This is a question I get asked frequently and is a hot topic… is social media necessary for growing a successful acupuncture clinic? Is Instagram necessary for acupuncture marketing? I think that my answer might surprise a lot of people and be controversial… Watch the…

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How to use Instagram to market your acupuncture clinic

Thinking about using Instagram to market your acupuncture practice? Feeling overwhelmed about the process, what to post, and where to even start? In the video below, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from using Instagram for marketing my acupuncture clinic and online course. How I’ve grown my following to almost 5,000 followers and used…

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