Acupuncturist interview with Katie Hale

acupuncturist interview with katie hale

Katie Hale is the lovely acupuncturist behind True North Holistic Medicine in Denver. In this interview, she shares about her training to become an Intuitive Eating counselor and the Health at Every Size movement… as well as what it was like growing her practice, hiring an associate, specializing in women’s health, and more. I think…

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Acupuncturist interview with Phiona Gitsham

Acupuncturist interview with phiona Gitsham

Phiona has an amazingly rich background – she’s been a performer, an environmental activist, studied Chinese Medicine, nutritional genomics, shamanism, and spagyric alchemy, and developed her own line of Chinese herbal products, Bio HerboloQi. I connected with Phiona through the Facebook group she started: Venus Rising, a group to support women and non-binary and BIPOC…

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Podcast interview with Dr. Rhonda Coleman

Dr. Rhonda Coleman, is the inspiring acupuncturist behind Blacupuncturist. She practices in Arizona and specializes in emotional and digestive health. Rhonda shares with us what it was like starting her business, growing her acupuncture practice, how she likes to practice, the lovely way she explains what she’s doing with the acupuncture needles to her patients,…

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Podcast interview with Ali Damron

Ali is an acupuncturist, a friend of mine, and the founder of In this interview, she shares how she transitioned to an online practice – even before the pandemic hit! How she does it (not on zoom calls actually!), how she got so busy she decided to stop doing in-office acupuncture, and things she…

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Podcast interview with Lauren Curtain

acupuncture podcast interview lauren curtain

Lauren Curtain is a lovely and talented acupuncturist in Australia, outside of Melbourne. She specializes in women’s health and has built a big following on Instagram with her informative and empowering educational posts and videos on TCM and women’s health, which is how I discovered her. In this interview, she shares about how she tweaked…

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Podcast interview with Amrit Singh

Acupuncturist interview acuprosper podcast Amrit Singh

In this interview, registered acupuncturist Amrit Singh gives us a peek inside her journey and practice, the way she has gone about finding her path and making career decisions (not what you’d think and not something you could write in a business plan lol), all the things she wishes she had known when she started,…

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Podcast interview with Russell Brown

acupuncturist interview with Russell Brown

This is one of my all-time favorite conversations with an acupuncturist… maybe ever, lol…? Russell is poetic, magnetic, and inspiring yet humble, all at the same time. And really thought-provoking. Acupuncturist interview with Russell Brown “What we’re really treating and why we owe it to our forbearers to embrace social activism…” Russell Brown is the…

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Podcast interview with Ivy Lee

This is one of my top two favorite interviews I’ve done with an acupuncturist. Ever. Ivy Lee is the inspiring acupuncturist behind Luminae Wellness in Oakland, CA. She is wise and well-spoken, shares about the deep ways she loves to work with patients, the kind of marketing that works for her, and very compassionately answered…

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Acupuncturist interview with Dr. Kara

Acuprosper podcast guest interview with Dr. Kara aculand

  I’m so excited to launch Season 2 of the Acuprosper podcast! This season is all about passing the mic to others and specifically a few of the many acupuncturists out there that I admire and am inspired by. Today’s guest is Dr. Kara MoraMarco of Aculand in Los Angeles. She’s also the brilliant inventor…

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7 steps to creating an online revenue stream for acupuncturists

passive revenue for acupuncturists

Have you been thinking about earning passive income with an online course or infoproduct? I think every acupuncturist has something amazing to teach and share with the world. We have so much helpful knowledge beyond just slinging needles and prescribing herbs. More acupuncturists should be joining in on the online course revolution. I’ve created more…

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