Attract More Acupuncture Patients

The acupuncture marketing class you’ve been waiting for.
For acupuncturists, by an acupuncturist.

Sick of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to grow your acupuncture clinic? I’ve got you covered.
The world needs compassionate, gifted, and business-savvy acupuncturists more than ever!
But most acupuncturists struggle to let the world know how they can help, to build busy practices.
I can help!

Attract More Acupuncture Patients

The acupuncture marketing class you’ve been waiting for. For acupuncturists, by an acupuncturist.

Sick of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to grow your acupuncture clinic? I’ve got you covered.
The world needs compassionate, gifted, and business-savvy acupuncturists more than ever!
But most acupuncturists struggle to let the world know how they can help, to build busy practices.
I can help!

Does any of this sound like you?

Barely making ends meet?
Overwhelmed by all the “shoulds” and not sure which ones will actually work?
Doing marketing efforts that get you absolutely nowhere?
Feel turned off by the idea of “marketing”

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

Acupuncture marketing can actually feel good and flow with more ease.

Master the marketing skills you need to grow your acupuncture practice – using your authentic voice and staying in alignment with yourself.

Discover your truest and most effective messaging. The clearer and more in alignment and resonant your message, the more sustainable and easier your growth will be. You can’t share what you can’t articulate. So first we'll figure out what your potential patients most need and want to hear from you. And then craft it into a one-of-a-kind message the YOUR people will respond to.

You can grow your clinic substantially and powerfully. Maybe not overnight, but in a way that makes a real difference, feels good and natural to you, and in a way that lasts.

Accomplish it all with no hard selling. No slick packages. Learn how to create a sustainable stream of new patients without pushing and pulling and grabbing for attention.

Best of all, the Attract More Acupuncture Patients course is based on practical steps. You'll be able to take weekly actions that grow your practice and patient base. All while spending time with other practitioners who are growing their clinics just like you!

Join us & grow a wait-list acupuncture practice!

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You're amazing. The World needs you. I’m just here to show you the steps, strategies, and simple plan you need to know.
I'm making this super affordable.
Get the training and support you need for only $240 a month for 4 months.

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Having built a wait-list practice and touched thousands of lives, I can honestly say that building an acupuncture clinic is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in a lifetime.

I also believe that our world will be a better place – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – when more acupuncturists like you are growing and sustaining thriving and profitable practices.

But you look around at so-called marketing gurus and it appears they’ve lost touch with their purpose and integrity, and are doing little more than hustling to keep up with trends.

You not only don’t see yourself doing “marketing” in the way they are – you don’t see how that kind of marketing is connected in any real way to your mission to heal people.

How can you stay focused on your patients and what matters – and still be an effective marketer? Can that even be done?

Yes, it absolutely can.

And I believe it’s time for someone like you, a gifted, heart-centered, compassionate healer and acupuncturist, to step up to this challenge.


You treat the patients that find you or are referred to you, but to help more people you need to make yourself and your clinic easier to find and easier to refer to. And you need to be sure that when people do find you, they see you as not just-like-all-the-other-acupuncturists so they'll just pick the one with the lowest prices, but as a trustworthy expert that can help them.

Truly prosperous acupuncturists establish themselves as a resource and trustworthy expert, they’re not constantly chasing new business or lowering their prices; instead, patients find them and choose them. They inspire and empower patients to take action.

That’s the power of the kind of marketing we’re talking about.

And that can be you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of grad school…
… or just opened your acupuncture clinic
… are overwhelmed by “marketing” ideas
… aren’t sure how to market yourself or where to start

You can still make a big difference and build a busy practice, and you don’t need to wait to do it!
Can your marketing reflect your compassionate, heart-centered message and still bring you your ideal patients and a wait list clinic?

Yes. It may not look like what other marketing coaches are touting. But I know it works. Why? Because it’s worked for me, and the other acupuncturists I’ve taught.

Which is why I’d love you to join us in the Attract More Acupuncture Patients course.

I’ll help you fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive and frustrating trial and error or self-doubt.


I am so grateful to Katie and Acuprosper...

I am so grateful to Katie and Acuprosper. The program was really well executed and left me excited and optimistic about the future of my clinic.

Going into the program, I was feeling good, but a little stuck about how to make my practice grow and fill. Katie walks you through a step by step process, with real actionable steps that left me feeling more confident, more engaged in the business side of my business and excited.

Since completing the program, I have been seeing an influx of patients and I am more relaxed and confident. When I started the program, I couldn't even find myself when searching on google, and now, I have been holding steady on page 1.

This program offers real advice from a successful acupuncturist and businesswoman and I am so thankful that I took the leap and completed the program."

- Amy Malone RN MS L.Ac. DiplOM
of Balanced Stone Wellness

Amy Malone, of Balanced Stone Wellness

Enrollment is currently closed

You're amazing. The World needs you. I’m just here to show you the steps, strategies, and simple plan you need to know.
I'm making this super affordable.
Get the training and support you need for only $240 a month for 4 months.

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Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when the next session of Attract More Acupuncture Patients begins!

Most of the acupuncturists I’ve mentored were stuck on one, or more, of these common beliefs:

They balk at the idea of marketing and think that if they just focus on results and their patients that they shouldn’t have to market.
They resist the idea of “self-promotion” and think that marketing is pushy, slimy, showy, or sleazy.
Because they’re not experienced marketers, they just try a few random tactics that they’ve heard might be helpful or read about on a blog, and then wonder why they don’t work.
They can’t recognize that most of the marketing “coaches” or “gurus” out there were giving them oversimplified advice and overpromising the potential results.
They are trying to do it alone.

I get it. I’ve been there. But here’s the thing:

Results are important but not enough. Why? Because on average it takes 8-10 treatments to get someone results. And you’ve got to get your patients to stick around long enough to see those results. How do you do that? I call it Yin Marketing.
Good marketing, the kind of marketing we’re talking about, and the only kind of marketing that works this day and age, is the opposite of pushy, slimy, showy, or sleazy. You can feel it when someone’s being pushy or slimy, right? Yah, that doesn’t work.
You don’t need 5 million zillion strategies. You don’t need to do a lot of the stuff that people tell you have to do. The most successful acupuncturists are the ones who use a system and take action, rather than rely on one-off strategies attempted randomly.
Acupuncture is different than other things, and most marketing “experts” or coaches won’t understand the nuances and unique challenges of marketing acupuncture.
You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have support.

My goal is to make it easier and more rewarding for acupuncturists to do what they do best, and to share it with more people in an authentic way with a reasonable amount of effort.

Join us inside and we'll cover:

Discovering your core message

Identify what makes you unique, and uniquely qualified to help your ideal patient. When you identify and articulate your values and core message, leverage your personal strengths, and maintain authenticity through natural marketing strategies that feel and sound like you, you resonate with the audience you’re meant to serve.

Honing in on your ideal patients

Your success comes when you can identify and connect with the RIGHT people for you. The people you’re meant to serve. Who need YOU. And that begins with getting to know your ideal patient and tuning in to their specific needs and goals so that you can speak to them in a direct and compelling way.

Creating your unique practice roadmap

You’ll define your personal action plan, your formula for success – which includes your natural marketing style, your voice, your core message, your ideal patient, your ultimate benefit, and best platforms. All of the ways you’ll connect with your ideal patients and develop connection and confidence with them. This will simplify decisions, help you stay focused and feel less overwhelmed, know what your next steps are instead of questioning every decision, and feel clear and confident about your path.

Your Website

Develop and hone your website and content. So that you communicate your value in a way that resonates with your potential patients and inspires them to action and to book with you.

Marketing Tools

Which marketing tools serve you best and how to prioritize the right options and pass on the wrong ones. And how to implement the tools and platforms that you choose... effectively.

Passive Income

Lay a solid foundation from which to launch future digital products or online courses that earn you passive income

Participation in the ProsperRing mastermind group support is included!

Join in live Q&As with Katie & get the support of likeminded acupuncturists.

Direct, live, personal answers and feedback. You are going to need help. And you’ll certainly have questions. We’ll meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at 9:30am for a 45-minute group chat and video online meeting. All the calls will be recorded so it’s ok if you miss one.

Enrollment is currently closed

You're amazing. The World needs you. I’m just here to show you the steps, strategies, and simple plan you need to know.
I'm making this super affordable.
Get the training and support you need for only $240 a month for 4 months.

Get on the waitlist

Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when the next session of Attract More Acupuncture Patients begins!

How can we harness the power of acupuncture marketing in its purest form?

How can we connect patients with the healing that they need – and shift the awareness of those people who most need it, and inspire them to take action? I believe this is the highest calling of a healer. To be able to reach the people who need you most. That means not just being available, but also visible and easily findable when they need you. Not just shouting into the void about acupuncture, but authentically sharing a message that inspires you and your potential patients.

It’s your responsibility to let people-who-need-you know that you are there and can help them. That what they need is acupuncture and you're the person for the job.

As an acupuncturist who’s learned about marketing, I have a perspective that most acupuncturists don’t have, and that’s simply because marketing is not usually part of our curriculum. And while it’s easy to dismiss marketing as an extracurricular effort, I see it as critical. It is the way in which we communicate our value to others. I don't think the world appreciates the value and healing power of acupuncture enough, and it's our job to change that.

As an acupuncturist, you’re constantly aiming for the highest possible level of success, to challenge and change the way your patient perceives and experiences his or her health. And in my opinion, that’s what the best marketing does too.

The best marketing, I believe, aims high and seeks to reveal truth and hope, and to connect, inspire, and empower with alignment, heart, and authenticity. This insight has dramatically influenced the way I approach marketing. It transformed my clinic.

And today, I help acupuncturists like you to:

  • figure out how to express what makes you different: your gifts, your passions
  • to step into your authority and confidence
  • hone in on your best and truest message
  • reach more people, and change lives in the process
  • become in-demand acupuncturists
  • grow your clinic, patient base, and income

There’s no reason you can’t achieve the same success as so many other acupuncturists!

Why didn’t you know this already?

Because the very thing you need to have dialed in to grow your practice wasn’t part of your curriculum. I really wish it was. But it’s not. I call it the “missing trimester” in the Acupuncture school curriculum, and we’d all be in a better position to grow our clinics if we could articulate these core things – our beliefs, our story, what makes us stand out.

You’ve worked hard to become a skilled acupuncturist. But no matter how long you’ve studied, or how long you’ve been practice, or how amazing your results are, chances are you’ve never learned what I’m going to teach you.

Why? Because there isn’t an acupuncture school that teaches acupuncturists to do this in any real way. One trimester of business class just doesn’t cut it.

The fact is, to build a busy acupuncture clinic, it’s not enough to just do your job well and get great results.

What you need, and what you haven’t been taught, is how to communicate the value of what you do to the people who most need you.

You’re not just “another” acupuncturist. You’re a person, a gifted healer, with a vision and a mission, the desire to change peoples’ lives in a meaningful way.

And with the skyrocketing rates of chronic disease, the time to share your message is right now.

I know, you may have some legitimate doubts, like…

I don’t have time!
I’m too busy just trying to run my clinic the way it is, even though in theory I’d like it to have more patients and make more money!
I don’t have the know-how or resources to make this happen
I’m too late to the game, or the market is too saturated in my area
I’m not “that” kind of person.
This is something other acupuncturists do, not me.

I promise, you can do it!

But how? How do you build a thriving acupuncture clinic without compromising your integrity, spending money you don’t have, taking too much time away from what matters, risking too much, or looking like a sellout?

By avoiding common marketing traps...

Five Acupuncture Marketing Traps

Acupuncture Marketing Trap #1:
Putting random tactics ahead of mission & message

When you’re trying to grow your patient base and your clinic, it’s easy to look at almost any marketing advice or tactic that promises fast results and think it’s worth giving it a shot.

There are an endless number of marketing tools and tactics available, from Instagram to Health Fairs. It can get overwhelming. And when they don’t result in the growth you expected, it can be disappointing and frustrating, and lead people to say things like “marketing doesn’t work”.

Strategic marketing does work, random tactics and fast-aiming tools, don’t.

Acupuncture Marketing Trap #2:
Becoming a “commodity” acupuncturist

You may have already experienced being treated as such. Have you ever had a potential patient who seemed to only care about the cost of your services? When there’s nothing about you that shows a potential patient that they can trust you, that you’re a trusted expert, that you have confidence you can help them with their problem, that you’re different than any other acupuncturist on the block – then they have nothing to evaluate on but your price.

When your marketing solely focuses on your price (insurance, discounts, packages) or your tools (acupuncture, cupping!), you are commoditizing yourself. Instead, you need to focus on things that inspire and resonate like transformation, results, dreams, hope, a plan…

When you have a clear and unique message that is resonant and relevant to your potential patient, you’ll never again be merely a commodity. They will feel lucky to get to work with you. They will seek you out. You price will matter far less when they trust you will get them results they care about.

Acupuncture Marketing Trap #3:
Chasing the hot new trends

When you adopt the latest trend making their rounds in the wellness world, you might feel pressured to mold your mission, values, passion, expertise to suit these trends.

Don’t get me started on the acupuncturist who decides to market the keto diet because it’s “hot” right now. Or cleanses. Or jade rollers. If you have a passion for, and expertise in, or unique take on these subjects… then great. But popular or trendy is simply not reason enough to pursue it. Especially if it compromises your values.

When you try to push this out-of-alignment, disconnected marketing on your potential patients, it will fall flat. Why? Because it’s out of alignment with you, and you know it. And they can feel it.

Acupuncture Marketing Trap #4:
Believing your inner critic that says “you’re not good enough”

Any time we ask ourselves to expand and up-level in any way, our ego’s fear will usually pop up. Your ego wants to play small and keep you “safe”. Safe from judgement, safe from failure, safe who knows what else… so it amps up that fear voice: “Who are you to do this? What do you know?” As social animals, judgment from others is one of the scariest things to our egos.

How do you tell the difference between your intuitive voice and your ego voice? Your intuitive voice will always support you and be your cheerleader, even if it’s guiding you to say “no” or hold boundaries – it will tell you that with lightness and love. Your ego voice will sound critical and harsh. That always helps me to spot the two. Listen to your intuition, not your ego’s fear.

One of my favorite quotes about worthiness is from Dr. Brene Brown, which goes… “The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness. We must reclaim the truth about or lovability, divinity, and creativity.” This is such an important reminder because when we doubt that we are worthy and that we have something of value to offer, our ability to show up in service to the world is so incredibly diminished that we’ll never take action on our dreams.

Acupuncture Marketing Trap #5:
Believing that all marketing is inherently sleazy or bad

What if you simply loathe any kind of marketing. Maybe you think healthcare is incongruent with marketing. Maybe you think marketing is icky braggy self-promotion. Maybe you think marketing involves compromising your integrity and values. Or maybe you think you’d have to change who you are at your core and become some big, outgoing, personality in order to get attention.

This resistance is totally normal, I’ve been there myself. It makes you think that any efforts at marketing your clinic will be a waste of time, a disaster, or backfire and hurt your credibility.

But none of those thoughts are true. When you’re dedicated to your mission and values and about helping people, your marketing doesn’t have to feel pushy, forced, or disingenuous.

Good marketing should flow from your core mission, values, and beliefs, and be in service to your bigger purpose. In fact, if you’re really serious about helping people and changing lives, then this is actually part of your job.

Being hidden and playing small does you no favors, because you can’t help people that you can’t reach!

Attract More Acupuncture Patients

Think of it as a mini-MBA in the art and science of acupuncture marketing and communication.

You can expand your patient base, increase your reach, and build your acupuncture clinic in an ethical, hype-free way. Attract More Acupuncture Patients will show you how to do this in few simple, practical steps.

You do NOT have to double your work hours, have a “big” personality, compromise your values or credibility, or spend hours on social media!

What you do have to do, however, is start to see marketing in a new light – not as something icky or pushy or gimmicky, and not as something outside of your main mission, but as an integral part of your mission and your business and your healing – and the way you communicate your values and your work.

And you have to decide to embrace and approach your marketing as seriously as you do every other part of your healing work.

How to attract a steady stream of loyal patients: the marketing plan I use and teach

Are you ready to seize this moment and become a prospering acupuncturist? In this 16-week online course, I’ll teach you to:

Build authority and connection, not hype

Align your marketing efforts with your mission, and use it to resonate with and attract patients

Develop patient rapport to keep patients around long enough to experience the transformative results of your care

Find your natural marketing style & harness your strengths into a more honest, comfortable way of marketing

Discover your niche & begin to build your expertise and authority as a trusted expert

Leverage your strengths

Whether you’re a rookie acupuncturist or want to take your existing practice to new heights, the Attract More Acupuncture Patients can help. This 4-month online training & coaching program provides the crucial elements vital to your success.

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You're amazing. The World needs you. I’m just here to show you the steps, strategies, and simple plan you need to know.
I'm making this super affordable.
Get the training and support you need for only $240 a month for 4 months.

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Here’s what you’ll learn inside of Attract More Acupuncture Patients

Module 1:

Map your Profit Making, World Changing Plan

Every remarkable business is built on a strong foundation. You’ll clarify your vision and set inspiring goals, laying a foundation for your actions and growth.

Module 2:

Self-Knowledge, Confidence, and Rapport

Discover the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of “De” and how to cultivate it to elevate your customer experience, build trust, and skyrocket referrals, loyalty, and patient numbers - on any budget.

Module 3:

Breaking down the energy blocks that hold us back

Uncover and address any lingering conscious or unconscious beliefs that hold you back. We all struggle with enoughness. And we must embrace our self-worth and unbiased, objective truth around marketing and how it can feel GOOD and in alignment with our higher selves.

Module 4:

Create raving fans and attract dream patients

The key to a profitable, sustainable practice is knowing how to create and attract raving-fan patients. Learn a dead simple method to find out exactly what your customers really want and how to position your offering to maximize sales. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to generate irresistible offers that are exactly what your customers want.

Module 5:

Design a winning Communication Strategy

I’ll help you harness your unique strengths, personality, and skills to inspire people to work with you. You’ll master the elements of creating effective, high-converting marketing offers that have integrity and bursting with alignment that it feels downright spiritual.

Module 6:

Marketing is like Gardening

Marketing is the lifeblood of any sustainable business and crucial if you want to maximize your impact and help improve more lives. In this module you’ll navigate the often overwhelming world of marketing tactics and choose effective strategies that fully align with your strengths and values.

Module 7:

Master Timeless Marketing to Maximize Sales & Profits

Master the tools of authentic influence and inspire customers to buy - in a way that’s full of integrity. You’ll get my 7-step-checklist for high-converting-and-inspiring offers. Once you understand the real psychology of marketing and client attraction, it doesn’t matter how much technology or media change, you’ll thrive!

Module 8:

Measure for Success

I’ll show you how to see and analyze exactly what’s going on in your practice so you can see your progress, your strengths, weaknesses, stop wasting money and time and energy, and know where to focus your energy to have the greatest results.

Module 9:

Implementing Your Plan

In this module, you’ll develop an effective, doable plan to connect with your potential patients, attract new patients and increase income - based on your unique strengths and what feels good to you.

Ready to join us?

By the end of the program, you’ll have a rock solid foundation and clear action plan to take your business to extraordinary new heights and change the world.

Enrollment is currently closed

You're amazing. The World needs you. I’m just here to show you the steps, strategies, and simple plan you need to know.
I'm making this super affordable.
Get the training and support you need for only $240 a month for 4 months.

Get on the waitlist

Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when the next session of Attract More Acupuncture Patients begins!

Bonus Tutorials & Masterclasses

A $1200 value

Leverage your website

What’s the first thing your potential patients see when they find you online? Does it reflect your trustworthiness and expertise – or does it confuse and overwhelm? Does it capture their interest and their email address, and inspire action?

In this bonus module, you’ll learn to put all the pieces in place for a powerful website.

  • Design your home page for inspired action and connection with your patients
  • Draft a compelling about me page
  • Set up your opt-in and first marketing “funnel”
  • Learn how to easily DIY your SEO to get to page 1 of Google

Rock your social media with ease

Tricks for those who are like me and want to leverage social media while spending as little time on it as possible. We’ll cover Facebook and Instagram hacks that I’ve learned to make it all easier and more effective at attracting patients.

Facebook Strategies

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a must-do for growing your clinic. But I’ve seen too many acupuncturists waste money on a slapdash Facebook ad strategy that doesn’t work, and too many “marketing coaches” that tout how FB advertising is a must-do and the answer to attracting patients.

We’ll cover what works and what doesn’t, and my strategies for FB ads that will save you time, $, and angst. This includes Basic and Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies & Facebook How-Tos

Google Strategies

Master Google Adwords advertising! Again, this is a common money waster when you don’t know a few crucial things. I’ll show you what you need to know to make it work for you. And when is the right time to take advantage of it, and when it’s not worth it.

Sales Funnels & Opt Ins

You’ll know how to create a good “lead magnet” and I’ll give you scripts for writing an email funnel series that converts. This is a great option for those people that visit your website and then click away without scheduling an appointment right away.

With this simple strategy, you can keep in touch with them and nurture your relationship, so they can decide to schedule with you when it’s right for them. The technology and content and what to say can feel overwhelming for acupuncturists, so I got ‘ya.

How Should I Say That?

This is an acupuncturist’s guide to scripts for hassle-free and loyal patient relationships. You’re a brilliant acupuncturist, but sometimes your patients and potential patients don’t quite seem to respect that… yet.

Patients can be late to pay, ask for discounts, delay scheduling, and forget to show up for appointments. And it’s not because you don’t get results. You get amazing results. It’s because the way you talk and communicate about your work is just as important as the work itself.

All of your communication makes a statement about who you are, how valuable your work is, and whether you’re worth it. In other words… your communication has EVERYTHING to do with your success. It can feel uncomfortable to answer questions about your price or requests for discounts. Informing people that you’re raising your rates can be scary. Explaining how acupuncture works and how often they need to come back can feel confusing, vague, or even sleazy. You’re not alone in feeling that way.

But there’s a way to do it so it’s a win-win for everyone. I’ll give you a 36-page downloadable toolkit with scrips for everything from explaining how treatment works to dealing with overdue payments in the most pleasant, professional, and approachable way possible. Don’t just say you’re a pro. Show it in every single email you write your patients, and in every single question you confidently answer.

Easy Systems

Get my favorite systems for running your practice. Running a business smoothly on TOP of being an amazing acupuncturist can feel like a LOT. You’re juggling a million balls, all while trying to stay zen and centered and present for your patients. But it doesn’t have to be so had. The key is to have SYSTEMS in place to reduce your mental load and help your office run smoothly and on autopilot. I’ll share with you the systems that work for me, and how to design systems that work for you. So you can focus on doing what you love – being an acupuncturist.

I can't speak highly enough of this course and Katie herself. She's a source of wisdom and goodwill...

I can't speak highly enough of this course and Katie herself. She's a source of wisdom and goodwill... She has helped me to grow my clinic in a way that nobody else has.

Since starting the course, my weekly patient visits have increased at least 50%. So I can't speak highly enough and I recommend this course to anybody who wants to have a successful business, life, and be happy with what you do.

-Renata Silveira, L.Ac.
of Rise Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine

100% Personal Money-Back Guarantee

If you’ve given it a try and you can’t imagine this program transforming your practice, I want you to drop me an email at

Download the course materials. Participate in the calls. Start to grow your practice. If at any time during the next 30 days you’re not completely happy with the program.

In your email, include a copy of the worksheets you’ve completed towards building your practice and explain why you’re not happy with the results. I want to know that you tried, that you did the exercises, had your questions answered, and taken action on the material.

I know when the AcuProsper system is followed it can and will revolutionize your practice. So I feel the duty to make sure you at least give it a fair shot before abandoning your dream of a busy acupuncture clinic.

What kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t at least do that?

If, before the end of the first 30 days, you do the work described above and still honestly don’t think this course can help you grow your acupuncture business, turn in your request and you’ll get a full refund. I can’t be any fairer than that.


But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’ve seen too many acupuncturists’ lives changed by the ideas inside this program.

I’m so excited to share them with you.

Registration for the Fall 2019 session of Attract More Acupuncture Patients is open

The live program is 4 months and runs from August 27th to December 9th.

The Group Coaching Video Chat with Katie will be held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 9:30am Mountain Standard Time. If you can’t make the call live, you’ll get a replay video of the coaching call, so you can still get the scoop and benefit from other people’s questions and feedback.

Mastermind group with likeminded acupuncturists for support, answers, ideas, accountability, and feedback. We’ll meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at 9:30am for a 45-minute group chat and video online meeting.

Once the initial 4 months are complete and all content has been released, you’ll have continued access to the entire library of training materials we covered and you can revisit and review them as often as you like. You'll also have the opportunity to continue with the mastermind support group for another 4 months if you'd like continued support and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a total newbie and don’t have a business yet - will Attract More Acupuncture Patients work for me?

You’ll get the most out of this training once you’ve had at least a few months in practice and can hone in and take a deeper dive into your marketing efforts. To get help setting up and getting your business running, look into my program, Start Your Acupuncture Practice.

Do I need to be available at certain times or can I access the material anytime I want?

For most of the training you can access it at your convenience. However, the coaching calls will be held at a specific time, Tuesdays at 9:30am Mountain Standard Time. If you can’t make it live you’ll be able to review the replay at your convenience.

What happens if I fall behind? Can I continue having access to the materials?

Not to worry, you can view and review the info again and again at your convenience, for FREE! The path to mastery in any field is through intentional repetition. Which is why, for as long as the program is in existence, you’ll have continued access to it.

It was the best investment I could have made.

At the start of my acupuncture practice I chose to invest in the Attract More Acupuncture Patients (formerly the ProsperRing) course. It was the best investment I could have made.

Before becoming an acupuncturist, I worked in the marketing field for more than 20 years. So I didn’t miss the knowledge, but starting a new career is pretty scary. The Attract More Acupuncture Patients course gave me the opportunity to learn from a more experienced acupuncturist, to get a reference to what is possible and what can be expected.

It was also helpful and inspiring to brainstorm with other acupuncturists about your ideas and plans. Be smart: start with a good kick-start with the Attract More Acupuncture Patients course.

- Melanie Peters, acupuncturist in the Netherlands

Melanie Peters,

Hear from more Attract More Acupuncture Patients* students:

*formerly known as the ProsperRing

There was so much to learn on the business and marketing side of things after acupuncture school. After about a year and a half in practice, I still felt behind in and overwhelmed by much of those things. After taking this course with Katie, my skill set has hugely increased! I’m confident with SEO, my website, and other aspects of marketing I would never have thought I could be. And it’s so affordable! It was completely worth the investment. I highly recommend the ProsperRing (now called Attract More Acupuncture Patients).

- Chelsea

In you are ready to move your acupuncture practice to the next level but need a little help with the process, I highly recommend the ProsperRing (now called Attract More Acupuncture Patients)! Katie has done an amazing job between videos, exercises, and coaching calls to lead you through every step of the way. Sometimes as healers all we want to do is treat patients and not get stuck with the marketing part of our business. Katie make it easy for you and leads you every step of the way in creating a plan to help your practice thrive!

- Dawn

While I haven’t finished all the worksheets yet, participating in the coaching sessions has helped me grow in confidence and in my business skill. Payoff so far… Doubled in weekly patient appointments! Helping more people!

- Krissy

After years of struggling to keeping my practice going and seeing only 10 patients per week, I found AcuProsper and I’m so glad I did. It helped me figure out what was missing from my role as a business owner and practitioner, stuff we didn’t learn in acupuncture school. I am proud to say that I have more than doubled my income since completing the AcuProsper program! I highly recommend AcuProsper!

- Amy

I am now experiencing much better communication with my clients about what to expect and how many treatments they need, and it is working well. Patients are actually coming in as often as needed. And for myself, I am much more confident in my words and my expertise. Honestly, I have noticed a huge change in the way I approach things and my practice has grown, which had made it double-y amazing! This growth has been AWESOME and so worth it. Thank you to the moon and back Katie!

- Dawn

When you’re building a practice, everything seems overwhelming. It felt like Katie grabbed my hand and guided me through this challenging time. Katie shows you a great number of marketing actions you can take to build your practice. Even for me, with a background as a marketing consultant, it was so helpful because it was practical and very inspiring. I loved the weekly coaching calls because of the interaction with Katie and the other group members.

- Melanie

I am so excited I have to tell you... today I got an email from someone that wanted to book with me based on my google reviews and the content of my website!!!! Also, I am happy to say that I've gone from not being able to find my practice on Google to the top of page 4 in the time since I started making your SEO tweaks just a few weeks ago. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance

- Amy M

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