Acupuncturist interview with Dr. Kara

Acuprosper podcast guest interview with Dr. Kara aculand


I’m so excited to launch Season 2 of the Acuprosper podcast! This season is all about passing the mic to others and specifically a few of the many acupuncturists out there that I admire and am inspired by.

Today’s guest is Dr. Kara MoraMarco of Aculand in Los Angeles. She’s also the brilliant inventor of Love Cups, those awesome heart-shaped cups we love so much.

In this interview, we get a behind-the-scenes look into her practice, her growth, how and why she developed Love Cups, the story behind how she was on the Katy Perry music video, and more…

Some of my favorite quotes of hers from this interview are: “success is not about the number of patients you see” and that “cupping marks are good for business”.

There are lots of other gems inside, so watch the video or listen to the podcast version below…

AcuProsper podcast: guest interview with Dr Kara MoraMarco of Aculand

Dr. Kara is an inspiration. She’s the acupuncturist behind Aculand and the creator of Love Cups, those awesome heart-shaped cups that we all love. In this conversation, we get a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into her practice, her growth, and how and why she created love cups, as well as the backstory on the Katy Perry video she was in.

You can connect with her on her websites and on Instagram:

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