7 steps to creating an online revenue stream for acupuncturists

passive revenue for acupuncturists

Have you been thinking about earning passive income with an online course or infoproduct?

I think every acupuncturist has something amazing to teach and share with the world. We have so much helpful knowledge beyond just slinging needles and prescribing herbs. More acupuncturists should be joining in on the online course revolution.

I’ve created more than 30 online courses & info-products over the years since 2015. I have to say, it feels pretty amazing to wake up and see that I made $597 in my sleep and feel in my heart that my work is helping someone to improve their life.

I know it can feel overwhelming, so I want to break it down into 7 key steps for you today:

  • Step 1: Identify your topic, who you want to help, and your promise or results you’ll help them attain. Keep these things simple and clear! (I have a FREE webinar on this and you can watch the replay here.
  • Step 2: Next up, outline the steps or phases of your offer. Always look for a framework, road map, or path to make peoples’ journeys easier. Think of the people you’ve worked with in person – what steps do you walk them through? Write these down.
  • Step 3: Decide on your offer format. Ask yourself, “What is the best way to get your students through the phases and achieve the results they need?” Start small and keep it simple. It could be one-on-one coaching, group coaching, a PDF or ebook, or an online course with videos and handouts.
  • Step 4: Price your offer. It’s easier to start low and raise your price, rather than start high and lower your price. Work backward, how much revenue would you like to bring in from this? How many people could you serve? How much do you need to charge, based on that?
  • Step 5: Validate your idea, by asking your patients if they’d be willing to pay for a course or coaching like this.
  • Step 6: Get to actually creating the content, if you’re doing an ebook or course. Not needed if you’re doing live coaching.
  • Step 7: Put it online and start sharing the news, selling your new online service or product, and serving & touching even more lives (and making passive income)!

Having created so many courses over the years, I finally have the process dialed and streamlined. My first course took me a year to make (and even longer to make it profitable). My most recent course took me less than 30 days to create and get launched and serving people! So as you can see, I’ve learned a lot. And if you know me and my work and philosophy, you know that I’m “lazy” and want to make things as simple and low-effort as possible with the least amount of work needed for the most amount of impact.

If you want to know more and get my support and benefit from all that I’ve learned – I’ve put together a training that walks you through all the little steps to create, launch, and market an online course. I’ve seen how overwhelming it can feel to create and launch a course, and this is designed to get you past all those hurdles so that you can finally get your course created and earn passive revenue, in just 30 days!

Enrollment is OPEN!!! You can find out about it here.

It’s a 30-day program that includes step-by-step videos, tips and hacks to make it wayyyy easier and faster to create a course, to deliver a great student experience, and to market your course successfully, that I’ve learned from creating more than 30+ online courses of my own.

And it’s crazy affordable with the Covid discount still running and will be well-worth the investment once you’re making extra income from your course).

acupuncturist passive revenue

So if you’ve been thinking about creating an online course or info-product and feel overwhelmed by all the steps, strategy, decisions, and tech, but know that it’s time for you to finally make this happen, this is for you. Compress what I’ve learned from my 5+ years of course-making into 30 days!

Learn more and sign up here.

Hi! I'm Katie Altneu

I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, & business teacher

My acupuncture clinic in Denver, CO makes me so happy. It's full enough to support my life, and simple enough to give me peace of mind. I'm a firm believer that bigger is not always better and that we need to "stop the glorification of busy".

I want your acupuncture clinic to be as full as you'd like it to be. I want you to know how to inspire-to-action the people who need you and our medicine. And I believe the best strategies are simple and heartfelt.

Combining my prior education & career in business & finance with my personal experience starting and growing my clinic, I love teaching acupuncturists to master the business side of their clinics. I believe in you and I'm so glad you're here!

Katie Altneu, creator of AcuProsper & the ProsperRing

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