30 Days to an Online Course

Create an online course that complements your acupuncture practice and makes you money in your sleep… So you can earn passive income while changing even more people’s lives.

Online courses fit perfectly in with our work as acupuncturists. And we acupuncturists have so much powerful knowledge to share with the world.
Don’t miss this huge opportunity to increase your impact and your income.

I'll show you how!

In only 30 days you can have your course created, launched, and automated marketing funnel all set up, earning passive income!

Create an online course for only $397!

Or 3 monthly payments of $137

Have you been thinking about creating an online course, but you...
  • don’t know where to start …
  • feel overwhelmed by the process and technology…
  • or procrastinate and never seem to actually get it created...?
It’s frustrating because you have a great idea for a course… you know people need, want and will benefit from your course idea… and you’d love the extra income…


But you just can’t seem to actually get it created and launched?

This is your answer

This course – 30 Days to an Online Course – will make sure you finally achieve that dream and make it into a reality. Your online course. Created. Marketed. Launched. Selling. Earning you Money. Changing Lives. In only 30 days.


I’ll walk you through the process, the strategy, the technology, the steps, everything you need to know. One step at a time. So it’s not overwhelming. And you actually get it done.

How does it work?

First, you need a great topic for your course. Inside the course, that's the first thing we'll do before we even start. We'll make sure you've got a topic dialed in that people will actually want to buy.
Then, I'll walk you through creating it from start to launched. You’ll watch a 10-minute video lesson on what you need to know and do, with behind-the-scenes views, how-to tips for the technology, tricks and hacks for doing it well and making it easier, and strategies for making it great. And then you’ll spend 30 minutes to an hour doing each assignment. Every single day for 30 days.
Do you know how much you can accomplish in 30 minutes a day for 30 days? So much. You’ll be so proud of yourself and your work.
Or you can continue feeling overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged, hemming and hawing over the process, the technology, the next step, wasting your precious time researching and trying to figure out how to do each little step, doubting yourself, every single step of the way.
And probably not have a course created after a year or more. How much money in passive income will you miss out on every single month that you don’t do this?

Or, continue trying on your own..

acupuncturist passive revenue

I’ve been creating online courses since 2015. To date, I’ve made 22 courses for acuprosper.com and 9 courses for my acupuncture clinic. That’s a lot of courses. A lot of experience. A lot of mistakes and learning the hard way to be honest :0) .


In the process, I’ve figured out tons of tricks and tricks for making great courses, for making it easier and more efficient for myself, for how to deliver a great student experience on autopilot, and to set up automatic marketing funnels to sell them (which, honestly, for me was the hardest part).


It took me a year to create and launch my first online course, and then another year to actually enroll a handful of students in it (forehead smack). I felt like a failure. Like I’d wasted my time. I almost gave up. But I finally figured out how to do it all efficiently and effectively and make passive income while changing lives.


And I want to share my years of experience with you.

Now you can have an online course and earn passive income too.

Inside 30 Days to an Online Course, you’ll find 32 in-depth video training lessons, along with access to a private Facebook group where you can get support, encouragement, and your questions answered.


Here’s some of what you’re going to get:

  • How to outline, write and design your course
  • How to create your course
  • The easiest and most affordable technology/software to use to create your course
  • The best platform to deliver your course on
  • How to create a compelling lead-magnet for your course
  • How to write, design, and create your lead magnet
  • How to grow your list
  • How to create a sales-funnel for your course (worth a thousand bucks right there!)
  • Exactly what to say in your email funnel
  • How to design your sales page to sell your course
  • Exactly what to say in your sales page (worth a thousand bucks right there!)
  • How to get reviews and feedback
  • How to set up automated emails to your students
  • How to deliver a great student experience and keep your students excited and moving forward
  • How to beta test your course
  • How to launch your course
  • How to do effective FB ads for your course (worth another thousand bucks right there!)
  • Accountability & encouragement
  • A private Facebook group where you can get support and your questions answered
  • And so much more

Success stories from acupuncturists like you

Jules Bogdanski

Jules Bogdasnki, L.Ac. MSOM. DAOM


This course has been a CLEAR INVESTMENT - in myself, and in my work. I teach in-person classes and workshops, but have to admit, I felt a bit lost around shifting to an online platform. I couldn't move past that stuck feeling - unsure where to begin - mind-set, action steps, tech, marketing, etc... Katie's course covers it all - the format of the course is exactly what I needed to feel like the projects I have in mind are do-able. It's been an AMAZING support - Katie shares her knowledge and experience in a way that kept me motivated, and on target. I've created one course so far, and will definitely be using her course structure to create more online offerings. Thanks so much Katie - you are the BEST!

The course was simple to follow and instructions were clear. I wanted to launch 3 courses in the 30 days, which I knew was ambitious. With your schedule to follow and coaching along the way, I was able to do it in 60 days!

I started your course in March and we got half way through and the Covid-19 lockdown began. It practically threw everything out the window as I was thrust into creating public health videos, announcements, and telehealth. Yes, totally overwhelmed. Luckily, since your content is always available, I was able to pick back up where I left off and feverishly do my best to finish the course muttering to myself your mantra of “progress over perfection.” 

Well, with your help along the way I was able to publish 3 courses & add 2 more. That’s 5 courses in 60 days! 

I will continue to utilize the content in your lesson when I need to create more courses. I must say that the timing of all of this is impeccable, between covid-19 forcing us all indoors and scrambling to adapt to keep our businesses open. The biggest help I found was with the marketing advice and email strategies.

I’d certainly recommend any acupuncturist to sign up for your course. It isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, focus and a resounding desire to help others at all costs. We have a difficult profession to begin with, being force to be small business owners right out of school. Having an opportunity to make passive income will help me to be more available to my patients and more supportive for my family. It becomes a symbiotic relationship. 

Thanks again for everything. 

- Anthony

acuprosper review

Anthony DiSalvo, L.Ac. MSOM

Check out the courses he created: --> Tuina 4 Kids <--

Arden acupuncturist acuprosper review

I was really intimidated by the nuts and bolts of putting together a program: which platform to use, how to structure and price it, how to advertise it, etc. I knew I could pull together content, but the rest of it seemed overwhelming. I feel like now I have the necessary tools and knowledge to launch whatever I would like to in the future.

Acupuncture marketing review
This feedback came from inside the private Facebook group.

If you are ready to finally create your course, then click the button below and join me today.

In only 30 days you can have your course created, launched, and automated marketing funnel all set up, earning passive income!

Create an online course for only $397!

Or 3 monthly payments of $137

Today you can begin your journey to an online course and passive income.

But there is a cost of inaction:

-       Missed income

-       Overwhelm

-       Indecision

-       Confusion

-       Frustration

-       Inefficiency

-       Distraction

-       Self-doubt



I’ve been there. Learn from my mistakes and take the easier & faster, way. I’ll show you how.

You are amazing and the world needs your unique approach & perspective to solving their problems.

I want to help you get your gifts out there to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t finish in 30 days?  You will continue to have access to the material indefinitely. So it’s ok if you don’t finish it in 30 days. But I encourage and CHALLENGE you to complete it in 30 days. Because I know you can do it. And honestly, it makes it easier to create and coast on your momentum.


What type of course will you help me create? I'll show you how to create and market both a video-based course and/or a written PDF/eBook course. And help you decide which one is the best fit for you and your topic.


What if I don’t have a topic? Don't worry, I've gotchu! That's the first thing we'll cover - how to choose a great topic for your course, one that people really want and will be easy to sell.


What if I'd like to create an online course, but I feel scared and am doubting myself? First, know that you're not alone. I felt that way too. I think everyone does! Any time we ask ourselves to expand and level-up, our inner critic and ego are going to scream with discomfort and fear. It's just part of the journey. A question I like to ask myself is: does it feel expansive or contractive? Does it feel light, or heavy? Sometimes being afraid is a good thing, because we're challenging ourselves to grow. So we can feel scared but still expansive and excited... does that make sense? Sometimes I think my body knows the answers better than my head 🙂 Maybe this will help you.


What if I miss a day or fall behind? It’s totally fine, don’t stress. You’ll continue to have access to the course so you can go at your own pace. I encourage you to try to complete it in as close to 30 days as you can. Just because, what I’ve seen and experienced is that distraction, self-doubt, and other mindset blocks can creep in. It’s amazing what focused Qi and momentum can help us do. So stay in the flow!


Is it ok if I’m not an acupuncturist, but I’m in another health-related field? Yes, this will still be relevant and applicable for you. I just especially like to serve acupuncturists because I think they’re amazing, but I’m guessing you’re probably amazing too :0)

In only 30 days you can have your course created, launched, and automated marketing funnel all set up, earning passive income!

Create an online course for only $397!

Or 4 monthly payments of $137

100% Personal Money-Back Guarantee

Katie altneu acupuncture business coach

If it doesn't feel like the right fit for you, email me at katie@acuprosper.com within 7 days of your enrollment.

Give it a try, see how comprehensive and helpful and full of hacks the video lessons are. You have until seven days after your purchase to give the program a fair shot.

And if you honestly don't think this course will help you to create the online course you've been dreaming of, turn in your request and you'll get a full refund. I can't be any fairer than that.

But I don't think that's going to happen. This course is jam-packed with an invaluable step-by-step system, priceless information, and helpful tips.  I can't wait to share it with you.